Approved Training & Development Centre for 3M using solely 3M products

Terms & Conditions

The prices quoted for training &/or assessments of courses are based on the following terms and conditions.

We must receive and confirm your non-refundable deposit no later than 5 days before scheduled dates of course/assessment.

The balance of the training fee is due no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled course assessment start date/time.

Your name & address along with your company name & address must be registered to attend the training faclity building.

Attendess must be aware that they will be sharing working areas of the Graphic Innovation Group headquarters, so shorts are not permitted.

No Smoking on the premises at any time.

Fire Exits & Fire Extinguishers are situated on site & will be made clear on arrival.

Please make us aware of any dietary requirements or allergies that you have at least 48 hours before attending.

The facility has 24hr CCTV for security & safety.

Attendees accept that photographs/videos by Graphics Innovation Limited staff & partners can be taken, used and distributed with our social media platforms and partners inline with our privacy policy.

Attendees must not take photos or share any images strictly without written permission from Graphic Innovation Group Limited

All attendees must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs – anyone suspected of being under the influence of such substances will be refused entry and will not be refunded.

Graphic Innovation Group Limited are in no way responsible for accommodation & accept no responsibility for costs associated with these arrangements.

Graphic Innovation Group Limited reserve the right to cancel at least 5 working days prior to the training taking place, if the course needs postponing and the attendee(s) will then be offered a place at the next available date at no extra charge for the attendee(s). Graphic Innovation Group Limited will not be liable for any collateral cancellation fees (ie transportation, accommodation…).

3M Assesments & Endorsed courses must have approval from 3M UK Sales/Marketing teams.

On/Off Site Installations

The prices quoted for application of vehicle livery are based on the following terms and conditions.

1. On arrival of Installer/s

a. All vehicles must be presented inside, clean & dry, free from grease and pre-delivery wax before arrival of the fitter (Failure to meet these requirements may result in the project being terminated & a full charge being applied.).

b. Vehicles must be easily accessed and found together, inside on the site agreed for work to commence (Failure to meet these requirements may result in the project being terminated &/or a full charge being applied regardless of amounts of units/vehicle completed.).

c. All vehicles requiring application must be located in undercover facilities with a minimum ambient temperature of 18 – 22 degrees C (Failure to meet these requirements may result in the project being terminated & a full charge being applied.).

2. Application area(s)

a. Pre-application risk assessment will be conducted on-site by our Installer(s).

b. Pre-application vehicle assessment will be conducted on-site by our Installer(s).

c. Installer(s) will require unrestricted access around the vehicle/s (minimum 1.5metres)

d. 240v power supply, within 5meters of working area, required at time of stripping/fitting.

e. Adequately lit but out of direct sunlight as well as dirt and dust free.

f. Well ventilated but away from windy, dusty conditions eg shutter doors/open external access area.

Failure to meet, one or multiples of these requirements may result in the project being terminated & a full charge being applied.

3. Wrap Applications (this includes full wraps, part wraps and wrap elements)

Pre-application: all vehicles must be kept overnight in undercover and enclosed facilities ,which maintain a minimum  ambient temperature of 18 degrees C.

        Post application: it is imperative that the wrapped vehicle remains in the enclosed facilities with a minimum ambient  temperature of 18 degrees C for at least 12 hours (24 hours when outside temperature may reach below 5c).

4. Vehicles which have been re-painted

a. The paint must be fully cured and out-gassed in line with manufacturers technical instructions before livery can be applied. Graphic Innovation Group Limited gives no warranty to any panel that has had any remedial or re-spray work undertaken.

5. Di-NOC & Architectural Film Installs

a. After application, the graphics/films must remain within the application environment at the minimum  temperatures 12c to 38c for a minimum of 72 hours to gain maximum bond.

b. Aftercare – We recommend hand wiping all surfaces only for any areas with film installed, using common householdcleaners. No harsh chemicals & nothing outside of ph levels of 3 and 11. Strictly no Thinners, Graffiti remover or Acetone.

c. Uneven paint finishes and surface imperfections may remain visible in some areas.

d. Never attempt to remove the wrap/film yourself. Always let an experienced professional installer remove the film. We do not hold any liability regarding speed and ease of removal. The warranty/guarantee does not cover the substrate.

e. Sites/Clients must accept that primers & edge sealers may have been used to give a better life to the products & install

6. In cases of agreed day rates, the applicator(s) maximum 7.5 hours on site will begin when the applicator meets the site contact on the first day of the application. Additional hours will be charged at an agreed rate prior to the end of the first days work, if the customer requires additional hours & the site can accommodate them. If the sites operating hours do not cover the 7.5hours, no additional time will be carried over to separate dates. Works agreed are solely for dates agreed prior to the date of works commencing. If sites working day is restricted to shorter or longer hours, client must inform Graphic Innovation Group Limited in writing before agreed works are to take place.

If any of the above conditions are not adhered too, any warranty given by Graphic Innovation Group Ltd will become invalid.

1. Any waste created during the removal or application shall be disposed of on site in your designated bins.

2. We will not be responsible, when removing graphics from any surface for loss of paint.

3. Please send emailed request prior to confirmation of works, if any site induction is required by one or all our staff members.

4. Any site inductions shall be provided to our staff prior to the first removal/application.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the replacement of vehicle furniture on any vehicle where applications  requires anything to be removed. Some clips or mouldings are not designed for more than one fixing. We also will not be responsible for the replacement of vehicle badges or parts that have to be removed and are damaged during the application process.

Additional charges will be incurred for waiting time, additional work and extra travelling expense caused by but not limited to:-

a. Vehicles not being ready on arrival (£40 per hour per man waiting charge)

b. Cleaning vehicles prior to application. (£50 minimum charge to cars, £75 minimum charge to vans)

c. The stated and agreed number of vehicles not being available.

d. Poor working conditions resulting in our inability to meet the quoted quantity.

e. Waiting for vehicles to be moved ready for application.

7. Purchase Orders – Approved Purchase orders are required to confirm any bookings made via email or verbally.  Without a valid purchase order, no dates or bookings will hold a 100% confirmation and may be used to service other clients. Purchase  orders must be received no later than 36 hours prior to works commencing. Failure to do this could lead to additional charges  beyond quoted prices agreed.

8. Cancellation charges will be incurred if:

The customer cancels within 24 hours of when the job was scheduled to be started– Full charge

The customer cancels within 48 hours of when the job was scheduled to be started – 50% charge.

9. In the event that the vehicle/site is not ready upon arrival of the installer, the fitter will wait for up to one hour (chargeable at the quoted rate) for the vehicle to be made ready. If the vehicle cannot be made ready within the hour then the fitter may have to leave (to attend their next job) and the customer will be charged in full.

10. Insurance

Whilst every care is taken by Graphic Innovation Group Ltd to ensure the safety of Customer vehicle(s) once the vehicle has been delivered to a site/ premises, having no insurable interest, Graphic Innovation Group Ltd bears no responsibility for the loss or damage to the vehicle(s). Customers must ensure their vehicles are covered by their own insurance at all times including movements of vehicles on/off the designated sites agreed in the initial quote/enquiry stage. Graphic Innovation  Group Ltd and all staff, will not move vehicles, and is left for client and site to make formal arrangements. Any waiting time while this is undertaken shall be included in the days hours agreed and may mean quoted vehicles (fleet) or vehicle may not be completed due to this case.

Payment terms – Strictly 14 days from date of invoice. Deposits maybe required/requested in some cases with purchase order.      

Late payments will incur a 2% charge of the total invoice amount for every 5 working days from the date of the invoice due date.

Graphic Innovation Group Limited reserves the right to photograph any works completed, to use as reference or promotional  source on websites and social media etc.. 

Receipt of this document via email  (or via post)is indication that works are to begin. After we receive a valid purchase order(s) or email confirmation of works it is understood that all parties, understand and agree to Graphic Innovation Group Limited’s Terms & Conditions for this or any project, and all other on going works between the parties involved.

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